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released June 9, 2014

Todos los temas compuestos e interpretados por Vortex.

Todas las letras escritas por Jacobo Sainz (excepto "In Danger", "This Is Hell" y "End Of Something New" por Jacobo Sainz y Víctor García).

Grabado y masterizado por Zoilo Santiago en los Zoilo Unreal Studios.
Producido por Vortex e Isidro Otero (Malkeda).

Vortex es:
Jacobo Sainz - Voz y guitarra
Marcos Rodríguez - Guitarra
Víctor García - Bajo y voz
Jonathan Portela - Batería




Vörtex Pontevedra, Spain

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Track Name: Piece Of This Heart
(Again) I woke up with a screams inside me
Not happened from long ago
(Lost) Lost among many thoughts
I need to recover the wasted hours
(Pray) Pray for not say goodbye
This isn’t the end of another try
(More) We need one more try
We will be able to seize the opportunities?

I'd give my eyes to see her again
(Over and over again)
I'd give my ears to hear her day by day
I'd give a small piece of my skin
(Everything to try carry you)
I'd give every little piece of this heart to can love someday

(Night) Another night mired in deep misery
Are you sure I'm not insane?
(Ice) My blood’s still frozen
It is just like from the day one yet
(Fire) This starts to burn
I have been talking to you lately?
(Desire) Could I'd start over?
You would be able to take me to the fucking top?

Track Name: Violent Inside
I was born in a world totally affected
I feel strange among strangers
Beaten and banished like the poison
I opened my heart, what was the problem?
One day all will end
I will avenge but I rise above it

When you feel bad, when fuck you like
When you scream "help" all alone
Don't think anymore, you must to run away
When you feel sad, violent inside
When you feel lost all alone
Don't think anymore, you want to run away

A high on a cloud I see the world fade
I’m seeking a god to ask rescue
Why so much faith? Why so much lie?
If something doesn't sign of life doesn't exist
Denies if doesn't have sense
They will call you insane, but I rise above it


Tell me that it's real, isn't only in my dreams
No evidence of laugh, is a punishment away?
There's opportunity to go out or is just in my head?
We can't forget, the memories are saved

I put my life on sale
I put my soul to charity
I didn’t choose to live this
This is a last goodbye

Violent Inside
Track Name: Confessions
You broke my trust
Jealousy not let you see
Live slope of my steps
Try to go and breathe
The words echo in my mind
I try not be a part of me
I can not get it
Then I always regret

Maybe someday I disappear after grow
But not today
I'll not be a memory for you
And you should know that I'm still trying to learn
I still go on
This is one of many confessions

Look under my skin
Still are here my sins
You changed my innocence
I will continue here
The words echo in my mind
I try not be a part of me
Now I can get it
Out of my mind

Track Name: One Last Breath
Have you ever lost a best friend?
Have you ever felt the end?
I'm sorry for have not said that runs through my veins
Oh mother, how can I remember?
I said that every December
I'll whisper in your ear "I'm with you forever"

I need another addiction
You need another chance to live

Oh doc, I’m dying
I’m crying
My soul asks one last breath

Let me ask you something for last time
Please, will you try to feel fine?
Find the person to help you forget the saddest tears
Oh mother, tries to find a way home
But if it be for too long
You have to know that I’ll already be on the road


And if I need another addiction?
Will you need another chance to live?
And if this is only a fiction?
Will you come back someday?

Track Name: In Danger
Don’t pray for me tonight
I don’t wanna hear you asking why
Don’t pray for me tonight
Let me alone

Look at me at face
I'm not going to walk behind your ass
You're just a girl more to erase

Do not feel special, you’re another one
You want to be the world but you don’t be more…
You don’t be more than me
You don’t be more than us
You think you are rise above all
You live waiting for the call

You were my hope
But you broke me down
I’m only a victim of love
My hope has gone
I wish to take me down
I said you are in danger

Do not feel special, you’re another one
You want to be the world, are there something that
Something that you don’t want?
Are there something that you care?
You think you are the best of me
Get away from me, please

Track Name: Stay Away
(Feel) I feel your breath, quickening each word I say
(Fear) Stay away, you run thinking who cares
I don't want to hurt you
Oh god, why you want all?
(Pain) Watch your back, death will come to take

I know what you’re thinking
You know the consequences
You can save the truth to stay alive
(I won't die)

Cause I’ll never say goodbye
I'm living your fears
I know your thoughts

(Great) Like that feeling when I'm coming home
(Light) The temper comes when you live in the darkness
You don’t want to hurt me
Oh fuck, what do you want?
(Wait) Check your existence, I'm not sure you're still here

Track Name: This Is Hell
I close my eyes when I see the death in your smile
I close my eyes when I see the hell in the fucking sunrise

Temptation made you feel the fire inside
Your greed, your sins, cowardice and lust
Now your sentence is suffer alone
Feel your tears and bury your pride

It’s coming my fears and my nightmares
It’s coming my never escape, never escape, no, never

Come back, this is hell
Come back to me again
Come back, this is hell
(Come back to hell)

I made mistakes since I was born
Can I brake the storm?
I made mistakes and it hurts my soul
Is this my fall?

Anger and pressure invades your heart
Eternal damnation is waiting for you
You feel the hate blinding your chances
Degradation of your mind is the price of your lies


We'll have a great time
You may feel some fucking pleasure mixed with a little rage
It has come time for you to return because this is your time
Your time to die

You’re died
Track Name: How The Story Ends
Two options, stay or go
Think about it (Build my own way)
Two options, fight or fight
Claim your rights (Waiting for the change)
They ask rescue
They must cure themselves and (Pay our delusions)
The hope is lost, the trust is lost
I can't let go

I feel like I can not grow old here
Tell me that it’s not true
Save me another place to live

They like to play with us
We are victims of agressions
This is how the story ends

Emotions, it's time to go
Don’t look back (It is hard to fit)
Instructions, for order please
There's little time (Good time to hit)
Suddenly everything is shit
We all know (Missed expectations)
Give to the rich, give to the church
And so fall


Some kind of lie
I leave my heart to make the future mine
Look at the sky
I gave up, greetings from the light
Track Name: Eternal Darkness
I’m fucking crazy
I will not rise again
Don’t pray for me, don’t pray for us
Don’t pray for anyone
Only pray for you, my friend
You plunge into the eternal darkness

I want you to know
That in the past I was the devil
I felt something into my soul
The war inside of me

I still remember
Your fucking selfishness
Don’t cry for me, don’t cry for us
Don’t cry for anyone
Only cry for you, my friend
You plunged into the eternal darkness

Track Name: End Of Something New
I could remember her last words at the end of this road
My bloody face confirms that I was right about the storm
Lost in screams of pain, tell me if my way ends here
I feel my soul saying goodbye, will be right?

Take away the skin to see the bleeding
Hatred, cruelty and fear it makes me
Lose the hope in mankind, I´m empty
I feel you near the end of something new

I´m on the eye of the storm
Go straight to the hole
I don´t remember my name
This is the end of my shame

I don´t believe
Who would think you were right?
I feel the fear
I suffer for my sins


I'm looking for a song that I return control that lets me rest alone
I'm looking for a need to let me still go on a light inside of me